Who We Are

Our website address is https://merekalda.ee.


When visitors leave comments on the site, we store the form of the comments, as well as the visitor’s IP address and browser ID, to better identify spam.

An anonymous text string (hash) based on your email address that may be passed to Gravatar to verify its use. You can find the privacy policy of Gravatar here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After you approve a comment, your profile picture will be publicly visible at the comment.


When uploading images to a webpage, avoid saving location information (EXIF GPS) to the images. Visitors to the website can download the images to get all the location information they contain.


When you add a comment to your site, you can choose to save your name, email address and website information as cookies. They are intended as a convenience option when you can access the next comment by re-entering this information. These cookies last for one year.

When you visit the sign-in page, we set a temporary cookie that identifies whether or not your browser allows cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal information and will be removed when you close your browser.

When you sign in, we use multiple cookies to store your login information and screen options. Login cookies last for two days, screen options for one year. If you select “Remember me”, your login will be remembered for two weeks. Logout cookies are removed when you log out of your account.

When you edit or publish this article, a new cookie will be stored in your browser. It does not contain personal information and only shows the modified post ID. It will expire in 1 day.

Added content from other websites

Articles from this website may include content from other sources (videos, images, articles, etc.). They behave the same way when they visit their original page of origin.

This website may collect information about you, use cookies, add third-party tracking mechanisms, and use them to track your activity once you have created and logged in.

Who we share data with

We may also optionally use 3rd party services (Google, Facebook / Meta) for web analytics and personalized ad serving.

How long we keep the data

Comments and their metadata are retained indefinitely to allow subsequent comments to be automatically identified and approved without being submitted to moderation.

We store information about users who register on the website, which they enter in their user profile. All users can view, edit, and delete their information at any time (except for a username that can’t be changed). This information can also be viewed and edited by website administrators.

What are the rights to your data

If you have a user account on this website or have written comments, you can request a file with us about your personal information, including information you have entered. You can also request the deletion of all data about you. This does not apply to data that we are required to retain for administrative, legal or security purposes.